Toughened Glass Partitioning – Weights

How much does toughened glass weigh?


There is no difference in weight between toughened glass and standard annealed float glass. The way to calculate the weight of glass is 2.5kg per millimetre per square meter.


Example - 10mm thick glass 1.000 m (w) x 2.000 m (h)weights


Multiply 1.000 m x 2.000 m= 2.000 square meters


Multiply this by 10( for the 10mm thick glass)  =  2 x 10 = 20


Multiply this by 2.5  = 2.5 x 20  =  50


The weight is therefore 50KG.


So a glass partition  that is two meters high will weigh 50kg per meter. There will be additional weight in the form of the fixing channel  and framing used to secure the glass, This may add between 2-10kg per meter depending on what system is being used.


How does this compare to the weight of a standard stud and plaster board partition wall?


For comparison, a plaster board of the same size, 1.000m x 2.000m weighs 16.5kg’s, a stud wall typically consists of 2 layers of plasterboard  plus some timber studs, the weight per linear meter for a 2 meter high stud partition would therefore be 35-40 kg per meter.  A single glazed partition is therefore about 20% heavier than a standard stud wall.