Whelping Cages & Dog Crates - Fully Enclosed with Roof Panels

Dog Pens & Whelping Cages by Margothedog.com.

A robust and expandable dog pen system ideal for use a Whelping Cage or new puppy play pen. Dog Pens , Whelping Cages, Puppy Play Pens constructed using the Margothedog.com Dog Cage system are suitable for indoor dog pen use and and outdoor dog pen use. Build a cage within a cage for a mum an pups whelping cage system, expandable for breeders with multiple breeding bitches and also ideal for individual dog owners with a growing puppy, just keeping adding Margothedog.com dog pen panles to keep expanding the size of your puppy play pen. The extra dog pen panels we sell can even be sued to make a roof for your dog pen.