Whelping Cages & Puppy Pens

The 2022 Margothedog Puppy Exercise Pen
Build any size and shape pen you like with the Margothedog modular pen system

EACH PANEL measures 60cm x 60cm

you can fit panels on the side, top or floor so make any size or shape pen you need. You can even connect them at 90 degrees to make a pen within a pen

Just choose the number of panels you need from the drop down box and click buy now. You can always buy more panels from us in the future to expand your pen if your dog needs more space as it grows!

This is great new system that allows you to create any size and shape of pen that is ideal as a puppy pen, exercise pen or whelping cage, but can also be used for a wide range of other animals. Each panel measures 60cm wide x 60cm high, including the door panel. The unique fastening system is so flexible you can even bend the cage around corners, arrange as a circle or a square or rectangle. This Product is the EXERCISE PEN VERSION, that allows you to make up a huge pen if you need to.

Each panel can be arranged and attached to any other panel to create the shape of pen required. The door panel can be fitted front , back, end or middle of the pen. Spare panels are available to increase the size of the pen, you can even stack one panel on top of another to create a pen or use some of the panels as roof panels! (all fixings are supplied with each pen to allow multiple pens to be used to create one large one. The panels can also be used as roof panels or floor panels allowing you to make a completely enclosed pen.

If you don;t see the configuration you need then please message us and we can create it for you.

Please also see our listing for Whelping pens and holding pens if you need pens within a pen or multiple joined pen configuration.

If this panel size is not large enough for your dog breed then we also have a 2023 range with a panel size of 90cmx90cm which works in exactly the same way.